"Show Me Your Teeth" -Lady Gaga

Today's topic of blogversation is...
Tooth Whitening!

Yes, there are products designed for whitening your teeth out there. But! Here's a fun fact: You can also make your teeth appear whiter with your make-up and shades of lipstick. Groovy, huh?
For your convenience, I will go over what shades of lipstick will brighten those pearly-whites and which will give a more yellow-y appearance to the teeth.

Shades to wear:

Any lipstick with a bluish tint: Plums, Blue-reds, Hot-pinks... These are all great for making the teeth look whiter.
Any lipstick that will accentuate your skin tone: For darker and ethnic skin-tones wear brownish reds. For lighter skin tones try light pinks or, if you're wanting BOLD color, go for a bright pink.

Shades NOT to wear:

Lipsticks with orange or yellow tint: Yes, they say 'red' makes teeth look whiter, however, did you know that an orange-y red will do just the opposite? Oranges and yellows in lip color are great to wear, but if you're trying to make the teeth look whiter, blue tints are what do it.
Lipsticks that aren't matched with your skin: Your skin tone looks good with certain colors. Now, I'm not saying "don't experiment", because then where would the fun be? But, if you're wanting whiter teeth, stay within the shades that go well with your complexion.

For those of you who WANT a tooth whitening product:

Products I recommend:

Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel- This is right up there with Crest's line of tooth whitening. It's just as good, way cheaper, and super fast. It runs around $7, and can be found at your local Walgreens or online at: http://www.pluswhite.com/whiteners.shtml

Crest Whitestrips Premium Plus- This is a well-known, one-step-below-dental-office whitening kit. This kit is available just about anywhere: online, Target, drugstores... Yes, it works, and it works well but the flaws are: It's pricey ($34.95) and takes longer to complete the program. http://www.3dwhite.com/

Or, by talking to your dentist, they can create whitening trays specially designed to fit your mouth/teeth and the whitening agents are stronger. These tend to be pricier, but as everyone knows, you get what you pay for.

So ladies (and gentlemen?), go get your lipstick on and show people 'dem teef! ;)
Until next time,
Melinda (:


harrisonbigney said...

So say that i put BLACK lipstick on... my teeth would be even moreeee white? do to the comparison of color? i've also switched eye liners to discover which on would make my eyes bluer obviously same principle, but you know that with us both being pros. later gurl!