"Show Me Your Teeth" -Lady Gaga

Today's topic of blogversation is...
Tooth Whitening!

Yes, there are products designed for whitening your teeth out there. But! Here's a fun fact: You can also make your teeth appear whiter with your make-up and shades of lipstick. Groovy, huh?
For your convenience, I will go over what shades of lipstick will brighten those pearly-whites and which will give a more yellow-y appearance to the teeth.

Shades to wear:

Any lipstick with a bluish tint: Plums, Blue-reds, Hot-pinks... These are all great for making the teeth look whiter.
Any lipstick that will accentuate your skin tone: For darker and ethnic skin-tones wear brownish reds. For lighter skin tones try light pinks or, if you're wanting BOLD color, go for a bright pink.

Shades NOT to wear:

Lipsticks with orange or yellow tint: Yes, they say 'red' makes teeth look whiter, however, did you know that an orange-y red will do just the opposite? Oranges and yellows in lip color are great to wear, but if you're trying to make the teeth look whiter, blue tints are what do it.
Lipsticks that aren't matched with your skin: Your skin tone looks good with certain colors. Now, I'm not saying "don't experiment", because then where would the fun be? But, if you're wanting whiter teeth, stay within the shades that go well with your complexion.

For those of you who WANT a tooth whitening product:

Products I recommend:

Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel- This is right up there with Crest's line of tooth whitening. It's just as good, way cheaper, and super fast. It runs around $7, and can be found at your local Walgreens or online at: http://www.pluswhite.com/whiteners.shtml

Crest Whitestrips Premium Plus- This is a well-known, one-step-below-dental-office whitening kit. This kit is available just about anywhere: online, Target, drugstores... Yes, it works, and it works well but the flaws are: It's pricey ($34.95) and takes longer to complete the program. http://www.3dwhite.com/

Or, by talking to your dentist, they can create whitening trays specially designed to fit your mouth/teeth and the whitening agents are stronger. These tend to be pricier, but as everyone knows, you get what you pay for.

So ladies (and gentlemen?), go get your lipstick on and show people 'dem teef! ;)
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So, I really want to share

80's, baby:
Colors: Teal, brights, black
Synopsis: Leather, lots o' neon, off-the-shoulder shirts, hole-y light wash jeans

Soft and romantic:
Colors: Pinks, light yellows, white, cream
Synopsis: Flowy, dresses, cowboy boots, flowery patterns, pastels

Boho, nature inspired:
Colors: Neutrals, yellows, coral, green
Synopsis: Hippy-chic, feathers, beads, indie

Great places to look for outfit and make-up ideas are magazines, music videos and out on the street! You never know where you'll pick up a style or see something to incorporate into what you wear. Mine's all over the place. I hope this blog gave you a tidbit of info. I don't have much time today, so I had to post short. "/

Have a beautilicious day! XOXO
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Look of the Week!

Okay, so Halloween is far off... But! Here is a leopard look. Easily done with items you most likely already have in your make-up bag. :) Done with all neutral shadow, foundation and black eye-liner.

Wanna learn how to create this look? Message mjeolhinnsdoan@yahoo.com for instructions!

Have a prettiful day!
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Contouring & Highlighting

Spring is here!
Know what that means? You're ready for a dewy glow.

Not all of us have been blessed with high cheekbones or perfect noses... No worries! Say NO to plastic surgery because we have our friend, Make-up to fix what we lack...or what we have too much of.

What you'll need: An eye shadow or powder two or three shades darker than your natural skin tone. Bronzers will work well for this too. You'll also need a highligher (this is any light frosty color facial gloss or powder). Then just one more thing: blush.

I want high cheekbones: Place your fingertips on your face and find your natural cheekbones. To make them appear higher and more sculpted, you are going to apply a contour just under the natural cheekbone. This will start approximately mid-ear and work diagonally toward your nose but stop mid-cheek. With a bronzer, dust just below this line and blend. This will give the illusion of a natural indentation making your cheekbones look more pronounced and provide shaping to the face. Next, apply a blush just above the bronzer and blend once again. One essential thing about contouring is that you must, MUST, blend, blend, blend. Good technique is paramount unless you want to look like you have a dirty face. The last step, which is optional, is to apply a light highlighter. Look in the mirror and find the bump of your cheekbone (generally below the eye socket). Dab a small amount of product to highlight, giving a dewy, natural effect.

I want a smaller nose: The first thing to do is to assess what part of your nose is "too large". To make a wider nose appear thinner, you are going to apply contour to each side of the bridge and blend. Just like in a painting, where you shade the background to make the foreground to look more prominent, this trick will draw the eyes to the center part of the nose, not the width of the nose. To make a longer nose appear shorter, take your contouring product and draw a diagonal line from the edge of one side of the nose, above the nostril, to the center, under the tip of the nose. Repeat this step on the other side to create a "V". Next, darken the crease on the sides of the nose and blend all contours. Using a highlighter, blend a light line down the bridge of the nose.

I want a more defined jaw line: This contour is fairly easy. Using a brush, take a bronzer and lightly powder the jaw line, creating a shadow defining the neck from the head.


When picking out a bronzer, find one that is matte. Leave the sparkle to the highlighter. Sparkle draws attention, and when we're contouring, we're trying to distract the eye.

Have a beautiful day!
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Oh, So You Want Flawless Coverage, Do Ya?

Three Tips to a Perfect Complexion

Tip 1:

Applying a facial moisturizer before any make-up comes into contact with your face is essential to getting flawless coverage. Often confused with facial primers, moisturizer is healthier for the skin and typically includes at least some SPF and anti-aging bonuses. Primers can be oily and very expensive. The moisturizer I use is Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 (for all skin types). It's non-greasy, fragrance-free, won't break you out and inexpensive (around 9 dollars). This product is perfect for people with sensitive skin (that's me!) and is recommended in most dermatology offices. You can find CDFM at any local drug or grocery store.

Here's a link to help you get an idea of what you're lookin' for: http://www.cetaphil.com/Products/DailyFacialMoisturizer.aspx

Tip 2:

What a hard topic to cover in a mini-tip-blurb.
Here it goes!

Qualities of good foundation:
1. Lightweight, airy
2. Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)
3. Ample coverage, but not cakey
4. Long lasting
5. Good color range

Some foundations I prefer:
Dream Matte mousse, by Mabelline New York (Any convenience store)

Dinair, Airbrush Makeup (Only available online: www.airbrushmakeup.com )--Also makes a good concealer

Tient Idole Ultra, by Lancome (Select department stores)

Mineral Power, by Mabelline New York (Convenience stores) OR Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation (Online or select stores)

Q: How do I find my shade?!

A: Jaw lines and necks are i-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-t! Hands are misleading... No one wants a "mask" of make-up. Right? You want foundation to blend into your natural color, not stand apart from it. A common mistake women make: trying to add color with foundation. Foundation is not a bronzer, it's a canvas!

Some lucky people have perfect skin, and don't need foundation. My recommendation is to use a tinted moisturizer with a SPF, to maintain good complexion and protect skin from sun damage and free radicals!

Tip 3.
To conceal or not to conceal?

Women get red (because of hormones) around the eyelid, nose, chin and underneath the eye. These are places to conceal with a lightweight concealer (ex. Covergirl Fresh Complexion, Loreal Paris Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Concealer...). Friendly tip: With concealer, a little goes a long way.

Q: I have acne. How am I ever going to get "flawless" skin?

A: Mineral concealers! No oil, good for the skin. Oh, and are you using your moisturizer? ;) Believe it or not, even drying out your skin can cause break outs. The skin is an organ that needs a healthy balance of oils. Tip: Drink lots of water, it will flush out those toxins that cause acne.

If you have acne that is outside of the norm (ie: during your cycle), then consulting a dermatologist may be a healthy idea. But acne is caused by bacteria (even if you wash your face daily), and your doctor can help find a solution.

Q: I have pores the size of lunar craters. HELP.

A: Product: St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser. Use this morning and night. Those pores'll be shrinkin' in no time. Using a scrub will help too. Mixing a Cetaphil lotion with baking soda is an at-home remedy that is gentle enough to soften the face and not clog pores.

Depending on the "look" you're going for and your skin type, you may want to set your foundation with a light powder. This will help with preventing transfer and will keep your skin matte if you're prone to oil. Personally, this step is optional.

I hope your day is filled with love and smiles!
Until next time!
Melinda (:


High Pigments!

Two weeks ago:

Desperate for high pigments, I Googled and Googled until I found... Medusa's Make-Up, aka eye dust heaven.

WHAAATTT?! Affordable? Bright? Vegan? PETA friendly?

I'm thinkin', "Get outta town!"

So, naturally, I ordered. Six bucks a pop.
Here's my review:

Medusa's Make-Up does a really great job when it comes to bang for your buck. The cool thing about high pigments, if you're unfamiliar with them is that they can be mixed with a filler (clear nail polish, water, eye-liner seal, nude lipstick) to turn eye-shadow into just about anything in the cosmetic field. I ordered the following colors of Medusa's Eye Dust Pigments (out of the 48 she offers): Tiger, Big Bird, Planet Earth, Flamingo and Fascination.

Each color comes in a little pot and weighs, according to Medusa, about 1.5 grams. This, ladies (and gentlemen?), is a STEAL. Compared to MAC, whose pigments cost 'bout $19.50. Now, I understand that MAC gives you roughly 4 grams... However! Buying two of Medusa's is still cheaper and although it's not "brand name", I can assure you that the quality is still up there.

Only flaw: If you're wanting all-day wear, use this lil' trick I came up with:

Recipe for long-lasting high pigment wear:

*1/4 cup of water
*1 Q-tip
*1 pot of high pigmented eye dust

Take Q-tip, dip one cotton tip in water, lightly dip in eye dust, apply to eyelid.

The water mixed with the shadow creates a stronger, brighter pigment and because it dries to your lid, lasts all day long!

Helpful hint: If you're not used to high-pigmented powder, try practicing on the back of your hand before you apply anything around your eye.

WHERE TO GET IT: http://www.medusasmakeup.com/

I hope this was helpful! Have a beautiful day!
Until next time,
Melinda (: