Contouring & Highlighting

Spring is here!
Know what that means? You're ready for a dewy glow.

Not all of us have been blessed with high cheekbones or perfect noses... No worries! Say NO to plastic surgery because we have our friend, Make-up to fix what we lack...or what we have too much of.

What you'll need: An eye shadow or powder two or three shades darker than your natural skin tone. Bronzers will work well for this too. You'll also need a highligher (this is any light frosty color facial gloss or powder). Then just one more thing: blush.

I want high cheekbones: Place your fingertips on your face and find your natural cheekbones. To make them appear higher and more sculpted, you are going to apply a contour just under the natural cheekbone. This will start approximately mid-ear and work diagonally toward your nose but stop mid-cheek. With a bronzer, dust just below this line and blend. This will give the illusion of a natural indentation making your cheekbones look more pronounced and provide shaping to the face. Next, apply a blush just above the bronzer and blend once again. One essential thing about contouring is that you must, MUST, blend, blend, blend. Good technique is paramount unless you want to look like you have a dirty face. The last step, which is optional, is to apply a light highlighter. Look in the mirror and find the bump of your cheekbone (generally below the eye socket). Dab a small amount of product to highlight, giving a dewy, natural effect.

I want a smaller nose: The first thing to do is to assess what part of your nose is "too large". To make a wider nose appear thinner, you are going to apply contour to each side of the bridge and blend. Just like in a painting, where you shade the background to make the foreground to look more prominent, this trick will draw the eyes to the center part of the nose, not the width of the nose. To make a longer nose appear shorter, take your contouring product and draw a diagonal line from the edge of one side of the nose, above the nostril, to the center, under the tip of the nose. Repeat this step on the other side to create a "V". Next, darken the crease on the sides of the nose and blend all contours. Using a highlighter, blend a light line down the bridge of the nose.

I want a more defined jaw line: This contour is fairly easy. Using a brush, take a bronzer and lightly powder the jaw line, creating a shadow defining the neck from the head.


When picking out a bronzer, find one that is matte. Leave the sparkle to the highlighter. Sparkle draws attention, and when we're contouring, we're trying to distract the eye.

Have a beautiful day!
Until next time,
Melinda (:


harrisonbigney said...

Hey i just can't wait to try this out.. And you kinda owe me for fixing it