High Pigments!

Two weeks ago:

Desperate for high pigments, I Googled and Googled until I found... Medusa's Make-Up, aka eye dust heaven.

WHAAATTT?! Affordable? Bright? Vegan? PETA friendly?

I'm thinkin', "Get outta town!"

So, naturally, I ordered. Six bucks a pop.
Here's my review:

Medusa's Make-Up does a really great job when it comes to bang for your buck. The cool thing about high pigments, if you're unfamiliar with them is that they can be mixed with a filler (clear nail polish, water, eye-liner seal, nude lipstick) to turn eye-shadow into just about anything in the cosmetic field. I ordered the following colors of Medusa's Eye Dust Pigments (out of the 48 she offers): Tiger, Big Bird, Planet Earth, Flamingo and Fascination.

Each color comes in a little pot and weighs, according to Medusa, about 1.5 grams. This, ladies (and gentlemen?), is a STEAL. Compared to MAC, whose pigments cost 'bout $19.50. Now, I understand that MAC gives you roughly 4 grams... However! Buying two of Medusa's is still cheaper and although it's not "brand name", I can assure you that the quality is still up there.

Only flaw: If you're wanting all-day wear, use this lil' trick I came up with:

Recipe for long-lasting high pigment wear:

*1/4 cup of water
*1 Q-tip
*1 pot of high pigmented eye dust

Take Q-tip, dip one cotton tip in water, lightly dip in eye dust, apply to eyelid.

The water mixed with the shadow creates a stronger, brighter pigment and because it dries to your lid, lasts all day long!

Helpful hint: If you're not used to high-pigmented powder, try practicing on the back of your hand before you apply anything around your eye.

WHERE TO GET IT: http://www.medusasmakeup.com/

I hope this was helpful! Have a beautiful day!
Until next time,
Melinda (:


harrisonbigney said...

In reference to the "High pigment wear" i've found personally that 1/3 cup of water is better. 1/4 just doesn't cut it.