Elves in April? WHAAA?

Okay, okay...
So let me explain...

Twas the night before Easter,
and perusing around Target,
I stumbled across the cosmetic section
and found the most wonderful bargain!

It was an array of eye-shadows, lip-glosses,
brushes and liners galore!
I couldn't think of what else a woman could ask for!
From a buck to three I stared in amazement...

Could it be? Quality make-up for a minimum payment?
I was in need of more black shadow and thought to myself,
"Why wait?
With prices like these, I better grab some product before it's too late!"

So there they went: brushes and shadows right into my cart.
"Elf" was the brand, so cute and so smart.
I have had no complaints with this hypoallergenic make-up.
Go on, try it out...
This offer is something to scrape up!

Store: Target, www.target.com
Brand: Elf
Price $1-$5


Sorry it's been awhile since my last post... I hope to return more this week. Life's been busy!
Have a beautiful day full of smiles!
Melinda (: